Troye Sivan is one of the greatest discoveries on the male pop scene of the recent years. Artist, who debuted with „The Blue Neighborhood”, will release his second studio album – „Bloom” in a less than a month. We have talked to the 23-year-old about his upcoming album and creative process, Sivan’s internal change and everything that makes him so happy just a few days before „Bloom” arrives.

No doubt, this year is an extremely intense period in the career of an Australian-born Johannesburg. Sivan is ready to share with the world the successor of the well-received, first longplay „The Blue Neighbourhood”. After successful start with lead single „My My My!” Troye came back to the spotlight all around the world. This is not the only field where you can admire astonishing career development of a 23-year-old singer. In the second part of this year Sivan will appear on the big screen, alongside Nicole Kidman, Xavier Dolan and Russel Crowe, in the movie titled „Boy Erased” (directed by Joel Edgerton), where he will play Gary.

As he openly speaks about the new release, „Bloom” is one great celebration of everything that he has experienced in the recent times. Although he himself politely rejects the term „gay icon”, it is almost impossible not to notice that Sivan’s music allows to spread awareness of a need for tolerance in the world society. The new Australian album will hit store shelves at the end of August, and now Troye has told us how the album was created and what we can expect from „Bloom”.

How does it feel to be a twenty-three-year-old artist in the modern popworld?
I think it feels amazing. I feel like I’m in the really exciting time of my life. I’m still very thankful to be able to do what I love.

Have you always wanted to do it?
This is exactly what I’ve wanted to do my entire life. Being able to keep doing it, this feeling, it is definitely crazy. I have never expected it to happen.

You have not expected it, but you’ve been working hard for this for so many years. Weren’t you terrified at the beginning of your journey with music industry
I was scared, yeah. It was objectively overwhelming. But like I said – this was exactly what I’ve always wanted to do. So you know, doing it was actually feeling fine. I’ve wanted to make sure that I’m doing everything to progress my abilities and just you know, use all these crazy opportunities that I had.

And after all these years, do you still have moments in which this whole world is able to surprise you somehow?
You know, one thing that keeps surprising me is that everyone that I met has been so lovely, so kind and supportive. This has been a real blessing.

Making your dreams come true?
Definitely yes. I get to work with people that I have admired for so many years. I am like a kid in a candy-shop. And everyone being excited by it… it is really, really amazing.

You do not need to go far – you have recently worked with Ariana Grande, who has appeared on your track „Dance to This”. What’s the story behind this?
The story is that I really, really love Ariana. As a person and of course as a singer. I did a song and I just felt like she would sound amazing on it. Then, I send it to her and have crossed my fingers and hoped that she would like it. And thankfully, she did.

You two sound really good.
Yeah, I think she is such a blessing to this record. She’s the best.

I’ve also seen that you shared a kid-version of the „Dance to This” video. It is so adorable!
Yes! I have freaked out. It was so cute.

„Dance to This” promuje Twój nowy album, „Bloom”, który już całkiem blisko nas. Patrząc na Twoje media społecznościowe – wprost nie możesz się doczekać jego premiery.

„Dance to This” promotes your new album, „Bloom”, which is upon us. Looking at your social media – you really cannot wait for its release.
Yeah. I feel like this album  kinda captures well what I’ve met in my life. I just feel so happy and kinda like comfortable, settled. It is definitely a really, really nice feeling. I’ve wanted to capture it in a music that I am making.

How many songs, overall, have you recorded for „Bloom”?
I would probably say 40 to 50 songs.

And only ten made it to the tracklist. Were they the most fitting for what you wanted to say on „Bloom?
Yes, I think so.

Was it easy to reject all the others? Was it difficult?

Yes, I think so. It was actually a bit harder, because I was really proud of a lot of music that I was having. I knew I want to have a ten tracks album from the beginning. I felt like I wanted to find the way to choose ones that really excite myself. It felt like a challenge.

Not easy at all.
It was so tough to pick ten songs, but I am super, super glad that I’ve managed to do it.  Now I got a couple of like extra songs that I decided to put on special versions of album.

„Bloom” is the successor to your debut, which was very personal and introspective. Do you still maintain this atmosphere?
Definitely yeah. I mean.. I always want to keep it. I believe that what will sound real to me, will sound real to other people as well. Yeah, I always try to keep it as real as possible.

You have all your life to record your debut, but a relatively short time to find ideas for this second album. Did it work well for you?
You know I think I’ve grown up. This time I feel like I did a lot of, you know, work on myself and try things that were really exciting to me. You know, settle down, got a place in LA. Just put a lot of work to make sure that I was the happiest person that I could possible be. And I think that it really paid off and you will feel it in my work.

So the time of your self-realization has positively influenced the creative process of „Bloom”.
Yeah. I think a lot of kind of self putting that I was doing really helped me. It made me feel a lot more comfortable in the writing room. And then, maybe more comfortable to try different ideas? Write more honestly and this all made me feel the happiest when I’m in studio. Make all these crazy ideas come to life.

So this time, you have been experimenting with new sounds.
Yes, definitely.

Have you had a clear vision of „Bloom” from the very beginning?
I had a very clear vision. I think that it also really did help. I knew what I wanted to do, what I wanted to sound like. That definitely, having that kind of perception, really made a process more fun and a lot easier.

A teraz, kiedy już doskonale wiesz jak prezentuje się całość, dostrzegasz swój progres jako artysta?

And now, when you know how „Bloom” sounds like, do you see your progress as an artist?
Yes, I do and thats what makes me so happy. You know, I was really nervous to get back into the studio, but also super excited to do it, cause I had all these ideas. Having ideas is a one thing and executing them is a completely different thing. I was just so relieved when I felt it was all paying off and, musically, coming together in a really interesting way.

I’ve heard somewhere that „Bloom” is a one big celebration. What do you celebrate on this album?
Oh, so much! I am celebrating love, first and foremost. I am celebrating just kinda where I am in my life. I am celebrating a feeling that I am feeling and people that I meet. Finally, I am celebrating comfortability and confidence that I’ve found. Yeah, it is a definitely a celebration album.

You are serving a lot of positive feelings on this album. Do you feel responsible for all these young people who are you looking up to you now?
I do, to the certain extend. I wanna be for other people what I kinda wish that I had when I was younger. I did not really know where I should look for people like me until I am in Internet and I started looking on YouTube. I’ve wanted to try and kind show people that you can be exactly who you are and totally still make all of your current ambitions come true.

You will also promote this album on your tour. „The Bloom Tour” will start in September.
I am so excited for this tour, because I feel like literally making this entire album was very visual for everybody I think. And to be able to tour now and have that opportunity to bring that to life in a really interesting way, and create that kind of stage in a real way, feels so exciting. I feel the show is gonna be so much fun. I am really hoping that I will be able to come to you.

Everyone here in Poland is waiting for you! We all want to experience „Bloom” vibes live.
I cannot wait. I hope that I will be able to do it.

And what now, in 2018, gives you the most happiness?
Right now? it’s my dog. I just got a dog  and he is absolutely the best and the cutest thing in the world. Yeah, he makes me feel the happiest.

Thank you very much for this conversation. See you in Poland!
Thank you very, very much as well. See you.


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