Right now, 27-year-old Anne-Marie is definitely one of the hottest music figures in the United Kingdom. With  ‚Friends’, ‚Rockabye’ and ‚Ciao Adios’ hit-maker and also several times Karate World Champion (!) we have met just before her recent concert in Warsaw.

There is no doubt that the past few months have been very successful for Anne-Marie. 27-year-old Nicholson has successfully joined the American producer marshmello in the hit song ‚Friends’, a bit earlier she has conquered the charts with the single ‚Rockabye’, which was the result of her exciting cooperation with Clean Bandit & Sean Paul. You just cannot imagine a better moment for releasing your debut album. On ‚Speak Your Mind’, her first longplay which is out 27/04, she was joined by golden hands of Steve Mac (‚Shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran, ‚What About Us’ by P!nk, ‚Your Song’ by Rita Ory), MNEK (‚IDGAF’ by Duy Lipy, ‚Touch’ Little Mix) and The Invisible Men (‚Fancy’ Iggy Azalei, ‚No Broken Hearts’ by Bebe Rexhy).

Just a few days away from grand premiere of her debut LP, Anne-Marie has told us what we can really expect from „Speak Your Mind”. And trust us, it’s all very exciting.


We literally have just a few minutes, so let me start with absolutely the most important thing right now – your album is coming very soon! Excited?

I’m excited! I’m nervous as well, yeah. I think it is such a big moment in me life. I’ve always wanted to release an album. 

And you’ve been waiting for this for quite a long time, right? You’ve been teasing it a lot, few singles have been already released, now it is your time. What’s the message behind „Speak Your Mind”?

I just feel like that’s what I did on the album. I’m not a shy person anyway, I speak my mind a lot and I am not… I don’t hold anything in, I am honest with people and open. And I’ve just feel that’s what I’ve been like on this album, so it kinda makes sense.


I speak my mind a lot and I am not… I don’t hold anything in

It does. I believe that artists have a big power with a message they  spread around, they are able to reach out to people thanks to their lyrics or social media. Fans, especially young ones, are looking up to them. Do you feel any pressure?

No, I’ve always wanted to do that so it’s no pressure for me at all. I always wanted to make people feel good about themselves, and I want people to be happy. 

And spread positive message into the world?

Yes, always! 

In your lyrics you express yourself, as well as your opinion, very clearly. You share your own experiences with people, also when it comes to relationships and cheating boyfriends. I am wondering whether you’ve ever had a situation in which you wanted to speak your mind but you really could not?  Like you were scared or afraid of something?

No, I feel like that’s the beauty of what I do. I am not scared to talk about anything, and I feel like I want other people to be like that. I don’t want people to feel embarrassed to talk about something or ashamed.. you know? So if I can be the most open with my songs and help people realize that you don’t have to be worried about saying that out loud then yeah…

I believe you help a lot of people around.


In one of your recent interviews, I’ve read that „Speak Your Mind” is  the „emotional diary of Anne-Marie.” You are a bit like an open book. You share your stories, struggles, thoughts, with public, which can now be described as a global one. Does it frighten you?

No, not at all. A lot of people might know me from the collaborations with Clean Bandit, Rudimental… 

They are great, I love them!

Thanks! But… this is me.

You’ve already collaborated with a lot of great artists… who’s next? You would make a good duo with Dua Lipa. 

Yeah, yeah. She’s cool. 


„„Perfect” does not exist and you need to stop searching.”

And which song on ‚Speak Your Mind’ is the most personal for you?

I think it’s „Perfect”, a song called „Perfect”.


It’s all about just realizing that „perfect” does not exist and you need to stop searching, stop being embarrassed to tell people silly stuff you do and not showing anyone that you are upset or down. Just letting everybody know that it’s okay not to be perfect. There’s no such thing.  

Another great message.

Yes, exactly.

Do you have a song that is so intimate, fragile, honest, for you as a person, that you’re not ready to share it with anyone yet? You know… you just keep it somewhere at the bottom of a locked drawer?

No, not yet. I don’t have it yet.

So you share with all your fans everything what you have? What a nice person!

(Laugh) Yes, that’s it!

Back to your album. You’ve already released a bunch of singles. Are they any good representation of what’s inside? 

Yeah, yeah. I mean all of the songs are so different and I think that’s what I wanted to create on the album. I did not want them all to sound the same. I did not want to have just upbeat, fast, radio hits. I just wanted a mixture of different sounds. 

So basically you have a mix of different songs on this album and in end there is no difference for you which ones will be singles?

Yes (laugh). 

Because they are all great!



” I did not want them all to sound the same. I did not want to have just upbeat, fast, radio hits.”

But I have to admit that there is one song on „Speak Your Mind” that makes me extremely excited – „2002”. Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, Benny Blanco… dream team!

(Laugh) Yes!

I also saw that you tweeted that you were wondering whether you should just leak it . Do it! Do it! Do it!

(Laugh)Oh, I don’t know! If he (Ed Sheeran) carries on, I might.

How would you describe it?

It is all about that year, when I was that age just listening to that music that I loved at that time. You know, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott…

I love Christina!

Yes! All of these songs.. Yeah, it just takes me back to that time.

And back then you were probably already writing your own songs. You are, after all, one hundred percent creator. Your songs actually tell your own stories. Do you remember the first song you have ever written?

Hmmm.. I think it was… I don’t even know what was the song I’ve first wrote! 

You don’t remember it?

But probably about a boyfriend! I feel like these are the easiest songs to write.

Exactly, they just need to cheat. 

(Laugh) You can have hundreds songs about them!

If I was your boyfriend, I would be so scared… They must know that ‚Alarm’ & ‚Ciao Adios’, its all about them!

(Laugh) Yeah!

„Damn, I wish I had recorded it”. What’s the latest song that you’ve heard that got you this thought?

Maybe a song… he is an UK artist and he is called OKTAVIAN – ‚Party here’. And I just love it. I wish that I wrong that. 

When you write a song, when it’s done, do you already know whether it is a hit or not?

No, I never know. I never really know if it’s a hit or not. I just know if I really like it. It’s not until you show it to other people, and they are like: „Oh this could be!”. But you never really know then. You could think that something is a hit, then release it, and then it not being a hit, so cannot say anything more. 

Still, it does not stop you from getting hits. Recently you’ve smashed charts and gained a lot of commercial success – for example ‚Rockabye’ went top10 both in the UK and United States. Congratulations, not everybody has that. How it was with ‚Rockabye’? Did you feel its hit potential?

No, I did not think that. I just knew that I’ve loved this song. 

It has rather happy, good-feel vibe, but in contrast, lyrics are actually really sad.

Exactly. That is what amazed me with it. On the first listen I was like: „Yeah, omg!”, then on the second listen I was like „It’s about a single parent”. I just could not believe it. 

There is a lot of talk in the music industry about the situations in which labels force artists to record very specific, hit songs. Quite recently, both Iggy Azalea and Tinashe talked about it. They had to record and release something that did not exactly was for them. They were not feeling those songs. Did you go through it as well?

No, I think that is why it has taken me so long (laugh). Because I did not want just to do that. I don’t want to look back and be like: „I did not even like that song”, and I have released it and let that out into a world and it was not a true representation of who I am. 

Did you have a situation in which you have rejected a song and then it was recorded by someone else and turned out to be a big hit? You know, Britney has once rejected „Umbrella”, Nicole Scherzinger has apparently missed „We Found Love” …

No, but even if I did I feel like it was a meant to be! You know? I am sure that those people are feeling alright… maybe. (laugh)


I don’t want to look back and be like: „I did not even like that song”, and I have released and let that out into a world and it was not a true representation of who I am.

So far, the fate has been really favorable to you. Your latest hit – „Friends” – is doing well all over the world. I saw that in one of the interviews you confessed that you have never ever been thrown into „friendzone” by anyone. You are lucky girl!

Yeah, I do not get to that point! 

But how many times you in your lifetime you’ve a bad guy telling someone: „I’m sorry, but but we are nothing more than just friends”?

Maybe three times?

Three times? Just three times? In your whole lifetime?

Yes! I am really good at giving people a hint that nothing is going on here.

Before they even start to realize that there actually could be something going on!

Before they get to that point! Cause it’s horrible!

What was their reaction?

Yeah… they kind took it alright (laugh).

Thank you for this conversation! Should we take a selfie?

Thank you! Yes, fine!

„Speak Your Mind”, debut album by Anne-Marie, will be released on 27/04. 


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